Fridge & Cupboard Staples

It took a few seconds after starting Slimming World for me to realise that the most of the entire contents of my kitchen were not SW friendly. A lot of things were removed and replaced with their slimming alternatives, and I’ve got to admit that our fridge has never looked healthier! Here are some of the things that are never missing in the kitchen.

Meet your new kitchen’s residents

Fridge/Freezer Essentials

Frozen Mixed Veg – Perfect when you need to add speedy veg to your meals.

Frozen Berries – Ideal when you run out of fresh ones or when they annoyingly go off faster then expected.

Cupboard essentials

Kitchen Scales – Doesn’t need to be a fancy one as long as it works. Make sure you measure all your Healthy Extras and Syns. It’s amazing how quickly badly calculated syns add up!

Frylight  – A must by the side of every slimmer’s stove. Make sure you pick the correct type as there are different ones depensing on whether you’ll use them to fry, bake, roast, etc … (Look after your pots and pans!)

Spices – Any and all of them. Can never have enough spices.

Dry Oats – How else could we prepare the glorious overnight oats? Also great for baking muffins and even making waffles and pancakes. Gluten Free oats work just as well!.

Cous Cous – Plain and ready-seasoned ones. Excellent for when you forget to prepare lunch the night before!