The quickest lunch… EVER! | Slimming World

Today is shopping day. This means there’s barely any food left in the house and I must have lunch before going to the shops or I will end up buying everything that fits in the trolley.

After rummaging searching for food around the kitchen, I found enough things to knock together what must be one of the world’s quickest FREE lunches.

Here it is. Quick, filling, speedy and FREE!

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Syn Free Speedy Chicken Soup | Slimming World

It’s been a while since I had a bowl of soup… it almost feels like winter is almost over and I’ve got some catching up to do before it starts to warm up. However, it seems like spring will take it’s sweet time to get here, it’s cold and wet… and it’s Sunday. Perfect time to enjoy some soul-warming soup.

Chicken Soup

This is my go-to chicken soup as it’s pretty straight forward prepare and you can leave it to cook whilst you focus on other things. I tend to mix it a bit depending on what’s in my cupboards. This time, I had a couple of bags with almost no pasta left – I honestly don’t know how these keep popping up! so I decided to chuck them in. You can also use rice, pearl barley (my absolute fave!) or potatoes. If you’re adding potatoes, cut them in big chunks and add them for the last 10 or 15 minutes to stop them from disintegrating.

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Syn Free Bolognese Sauce | Slimming World

Whenever I think of comfort food, a plate of pasta with sauce is always the first thing that comes to my mind. This is the first time I’ve made a Bolognese sauce using a slow cooker and was pretty happy with the result and with how easy it was to prepare (definitely not an option if you have to cook dinner in under 1 hour though!)


I love how versatile this sauce is… It makes a delicious jacket potato filling and also works lovely as a fajita or burrito filling (you might to drain some of the juice as it can get messy otherwise!). And the best thing about this sauce is that it’s ideal for home freezing, perfect for the days when you need to fix a meal together and you need to do it pronto.

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