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A month or so ago I decided to completely cut out dairy from my diet in hopes it would improve my skin. At first, I struggled to come up with ideas for breakfast as my go-to dish was fresh fruit with muller light yoghurt and my HEA would be milk for a couple of coffees.

Cutting out dairy has worked wonders for my skin and it really makes all the effort worthwhile. I’m reading labels of everything I buy and have found there’s milk, or milk derivatives, in so many things… even mug shots!


I was so happy when this recipe turned out as yummy as I was expecting as the yoghurt I used doesn’t taste incredible on it’s own. The chia seeds make all the difference so, if you like them, use them! Chia brings the whole thing together they expand nicely and is also part of your HEB win-win. The tropical fruit mix makes this chocolate pot of goodness speedy too!

Do you have any dietary needs that make it difficult, if not impossible, to enjoy some of Slimming World’s favourites?

Dairy free low syn chocolate overnight oats

Serves: 1

Syns: 1.5 when using chia and oats as your HEB and milk as part of your HEA (this recipe is actually 1.3 syns but I’ve rounded up to 1.5)


10g chia seeds

27g oats

100ml Oatly! chocolate oat drink

80g Alpro plain with almond yoghurt

1/2cup Tesco breakfast topper (tropical fruit – frozen)

2tsp agave nectar


1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and transfer to the pot or jar you’ll be eating it from the next day.

2. Refrigerate overnight

3. Enjoy!


Syn values shown on this recipe are in line with values given by Slimming World at the time of writing. If in doubt, check Slimming World’s official sources as values may change after posting.

I aim to keep recipes’s Syn values as accurate as possible. If you spot a mistake or a change that needs updating, do drop me a message so it can be reflected on the recipe.

This is YOUR slimming journey, remember to enjoy it!


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