The quickest lunch… EVER! | Slimming World

Today is shopping day. This means there’s barely any food left in the house and I must have lunch before going to the shops or I will end up buying everything that fits in the trolley.

After rummaging searching for food around the kitchen, I found enough things to knock together what must be one of the world’s quickest FREE lunches.

Here it is. Quick, filling, speedy and FREE!

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Dairy Free Low Syn Creamy Salmon & Prawn Spaghetti | Slimming World

Creamy pasta is right at the top of my favourite things to eat – it’s just the ultimate comfort food for me. Finding a way to still be able to eat this dish without using dairy AND not breaking the syn bank has been something I’ve been thinking about for weeks.

And… voila!

I was so pleased when I tasted this. I had never used oat cream before so was very suspicious about it. The syns come from the cream so I wasn’t sure how much would be enough – I wanted to keep this pretty low on syns without it being too dry, it had to be creamy!

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