Vegan Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto | Slimming World

So here it is… 2019! And here is this year’s first recipe.

I’m not sure how many weeks it’ll take to reverse the damage done to the scales over the holidays, and the weeks leading up to them, but the line has been drawn and we are

This dish is one of the hubby”s go-to dish and he’s perfected it with practice. Nothing better than tasting someone else’s coking, specially if it’s Italian and it involves wine. No?

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Let’s talk pasta

I couldn’t believe it when I first joined Slimming World. What do you mean I can eat unlimited pasta and lose weight?! It sounded too good to be true, but it wasn’t. Turns out that you can indeed eat unlimited pasta and still loose weight IF your plate is 1/3 speed food, 1/3 ‘p’ foods and 1/3 other free food (like pasta and rice)* – also, it must be dry pasta. It’s portion control SW style – eat all the pasta you want as long as it’s 1/3 of your plate, pretty simple instructions.

But, which pasta do you choose? We know that for it to be a free food, it has to be dry. But, what about white or wholegrain?

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The quickest lunch… EVER! | Slimming World

Today is shopping day. This means there’s barely any food left in the house and I must have lunch before going to the shops or I will end up buying everything that fits in the trolley.

After rummaging searching for food around the kitchen, I found enough things to knock together what must be one of the world’s quickest FREE lunches.

Here it is. Quick, filling, speedy and FREE!

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